Two years of medical trauma summed up with one performative act.

Our trip around Svalbard. A work of improvisational art in itself.













The Arctic Circle 2013

  • Performative
  • Photography
  • Video

Summer Solstice Expedition

June 13-July 2, 2013. Two weeks on the Antigua, a tall ship, sailing around the coast of Spitzbergen with 24 artists, writers, and scientists. Incredible journey, incredible people, incredible artwork made everyday on the fly. 24 hours of daylight. Everyday. Sensory overload. Massive data collection. Thousands of images, hours of video, audio recordings and underwater footage.

This was a decidedly performative trip, both serious and not. While my intention was to gather material for an experimental animated film about two years of medical trauma "Available Light," I also brought along my alter ego, Pinky, the Junior Correspondent for the Arctic Circle.

More to come...