Project Description

Detail from video installation

Nail polish inspection outside university gates.

Leaving the living room. Climbing to the roof.



Women stifled under an authoritarian regime reclaim self-determination by reading banned books to create their own reality from books’ — and even pages’ — physicality. Inspired by Azar Nafisi’s memoir, “Reading Lolita in Tehran.”

“Egress,” is a video projection onto a tall stack of books and the wall behind it. 

The piece runs as a continuous video loop that is 6:15 min. and has an accompanying detailed sound track.  Animated segments, live action video and collaged photos all fuse together to create the peculiar cityscape in which events unfold.


Mixed media: books, HD video projector, media player w/HD movie file, speakers, 84 x 140 x 192 inches.  Video plays loop that is 6:17 min.


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