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  1. Roberta Key
    August 20, 2012

    Giggle! At the age of 13 I had a 36C cup. Throughout my life my breasts have been the focus of attention, often so much more so than the woman behind them. Age, motherhood & weight fluctuations through the years didn’t change the fact that I have BIG breasts (now 38DDD). How wonderful it would’ve been to have this “product” to accentuate the view to MY advantage. 🙂 8

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Audio-activated Bra

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Audio-activated bra that uses the same chip as a stereo monitor. The louder the audio signal, the more lights light up. Arranged in concentric circles, the LEDs react incrementally with the loudest sounds causing the yellow lights in the center to light up last.

Madonna (and Lady Gaga) should have one. So should you.

Mixed media: Bra, 180 LEDs, custom electronics, microphone, plastic dial, 2 9-volt batteries.
(Circuit design: Garth Zeglin)

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