Audio Activated Dress


  1. Louis Zona
    August 21, 2014

    Heidi, Congratulations on your good work. Would you be interested in presenting one of your videos here at the Butler Institute of American Art ? congratulations on the Ceres Gallery installation. Best, Lou Zona Director Butler Institute of American Art

  2. admin
    August 22, 2014

    Hi Lou,
    Thanks for writing.
    I somehow didn’t see your email until now. Of course I would love to show my work!
    Is there a specific one you’re thinking of?


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Audio-activated Dress

  • Performative
  • Video
  • Wearables

The audio-activated dress uses the same chip as a stereo monitor. The louder the audio signal, the more lights light up. The LEDs are arranged in vertical columns on the front of the dress so that softer sounds light up the lower parts of the dress while louder sounds cause the entire column to be illuminated.

When wearing the garment around town, one becomes much like a walking VU meter, monitoring the audio levels of the surrounding environment.

A great way to liven up a dull day!

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