Video documentation.

Detail from video installation

Nail polish inspection outside university gates.


Leaving the living room. Climbing to the roof.



  • Timed Release
  • Video
  • Video Sculpture

“Egress” explores how women living under an authoritarian regime use fiction, books, and the printed page to subvert their restrictive environment. The women find ways to maintain a veneer of compliance with social edicts while transcending the government’s manufactured illusion, eventually creating their own reality. Inspired by Azar Nafisi’s memoir, “Reading Lolita in Tehran.”

The piece consists of a video projection onto a tall stack of books and the wall behind it.
The piece runs as a continuous video loop that is 6:32 min. and has an accompanying detailed sound track. Animated segments, live action video and collaged photos all fuse together to create the peculiar cityscape in which events unfold.

2014, books, video projector, media player, speakers, 84 x 140 x 192 inches.

~James Cook University, School of Creative Arts and Pinnacles Gallery, “7th Screengrab International Media Arts Award Exhibition,” Townsville, Queensland, Australia, Dec 2015-March 2016.
~CICA Gallery, South Korea, March 2015
~Ceres Gallery, NYC, Sept. 2-27, 2014
~Dlectricity, Detroit, Michigan, Sept. 26, 27, 2014
~El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, “Currents 2014: Santa Fe International New Media Festival”, 2014