During August 2012, I returned to Syracuse, NY for a residency at Lightwork. I worked on 2 new pieces, one animation (made from still photographs) about my back injury, and one projection piece inspired by the book “Reading Lolita in Tehran.” I also had the opportunity to test out some work on the Urban Video Project’s large screen on the side of the Everson Museum in Syracuse. It was important to me to use and embrace the physicality of the building with the projected images, not just to use it as an ordinary movie screen. Sample images:

Projected image from a piece about my back injury.

Back injury submersion.

X-ray. Spine melts.

Still from “Cuckoo” (collaboration with Gaspar Libedinsky). A hole is punched in the wall and the occupants’ lives are revealed.

Still from “Cuckoo” (collaboration with Gaspar Libedinsky). Woman at the window.

Still from the piece, “Cuckoo” (collaboration with Gaspar Libedinsky). Man climbs out of hole.


Still from “Cuckoo” (collaboration with Gaspar Libedinsky). Hole in the wall.

A dark stage. 2 giant hands.