“Swallowed Whole” was included in a fantastic program presented by the Black Maria Film Festival at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. on July 25, 2015  at 12:30, West Building Lecture Hall.

Black Maria: Selections from the Festival

The opening program includes, among other titles, James Hollenbaugh’s Self Portrait Portrait  (Lancaster, PA, 6 minutes) — the story of Bryan Lewis Saunders, who has made a self-portrait each day of his life for the last twenty years.

Other titles include: Steel Mill Rolling (Ross Nugent, Pittsburgh, PA, 12 minutes); Umbrella House(Catalina Santamaria, New York, NY, 10 minutes); Ideas That Are Grand (Así de Grandes son las Ideas, Jose Enrique Rivera Rivera, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 5 minutes); SoundPrint (Monteith McCollum, Vestal, NY, 8 minutes); The Ballad of Holland Island House (Lynn Tomlinson, Owings Mills, MD, 4 minutes); Where We Stand (Lindsay McIntyre, Alberta, Canada, 5 minutes); Killing My Girl (Tasos Giapoutzis, London, UK, 12 minutes); Theoretical Architectures (Josh Gibson, Durham, NC, 5 minutes); Without a Doubt (Gerald Guthrie, Urbana, IL, 6 minutes); Swallowed Whole (Heidi Kumao, Ann Harbor, MI, 4 minutes); Egghead (Patrick Longstreth, Marina Del Rey, CA, 1 minute); and cyberGenesis (Andre Silva, Wilmington, NC, 13 minutes).