Another Experiment by women film fest

Another Experiment by Women Film Festival  will screen “Swallowed Whole”
Wednesday February 17th at 6:00pm 

Presented by:
New Filmmakers NY
Anthology Film Archives

32 2nd Avenue at 2nd Street, NYC ( F train to 2nd Ave )
$7 admission enables you to stay for all NEW FILMMAKERS screenings that evening!

curated by Lili White

MOVEMENT STUDY: DISCIPLINE – Metrah Pashaee; TRT: 3.04; digi 
REFOULEMENT – Carol-Ann Belzil-Normand; TRT: 3.29; digi 
RECIPROCITY FAILURE – Mirka Morales; TRT: 8:00 
THE TALKING TEA-KETTLE – Terese Svoboda; TRT: 7:14 
CATALOGUE – Dana Berman Duff; TRT: 7:03; 16MM to digi 
SWALLOWED WHOLE – Heidi Kumao; TRT; 4.03; digi 
WHAT ARE WATERS, WHAT ARE WINDS – Isabelle Vorle; TRT: 3.26; digi

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Program details:

MOVEMENT STUDY: DISCIPLINE; Metrah Pashaee; TRT: 3.04; digi
“Movies move people.”

REFOULEMENT; Carol-Ann Belzil-Normand; Music : Frédéric Lebrasseur; TRT: 3.29; digi
Sigmund’s Lines (Refoulement) is an animated film that depicts a primitive language. By a series of metamorphoses, lines reveal an almost narrative universe leading a break of the line. Perceptual and visual was merge for producing a cognitive disorder in the image

RECIPROCITY FAILURE; Mirka Morales; Music by Mirka Morales, Anthony Lopes, Kwisp, G. Krémer: Featuring sounds by Kwisp and others; Filmed at the Djerassi Artist Residency 2014;
Fuji 8643 and 8622 16mm film stock, both discontinued (rip), shot on a Bolex: available on 1.77:1 HD 1920×1080/16:9 or dvd; TRT: 8:02; digi.
The title, RECIPROCITY FAILURE, came from researching how 16mm film reacts when shooting the night sky. Reciprocity law is the inverse relationship between intensity and time. Reciprocity failure is an exception, likely to occur at the extreme spectrum of light and dark. The inverse relationship fails and substantial exposure compensation is required. I found the term amusing, as it imbues film with human neuroses. As in film, our interactions, with each other or with nature, are often not one to one. Reciprocity Failure is an experiment about natural cycles and process. I ultimately wanted to embrace a word we are superstitious about — failure.

THE TALKING TEA-KETTLE; Terese Svoboda; TRT: 7:14
The Talking Tea-Kettle, inserted in your ear, speaks with the voice of the dead.
Why would we want to listen? Terese Svoboda considers this question while relating how Houdini and Nebraska magician David P. Abbott stamped out the practice of mediums in the early years of the twentieth century, with the director’s shout-out to her own mother.

Found footage designed for the band, STEERGE (found on Caduc. Records)

CATALOGUE; Dana Berman Duff; TRT: 7:03; 16MM to digi
CATALOGUE is a silent 16mm black-and-white film that considers the time it takes to look at desirable objects, in this case the objects for sale in a mainstream furniture catalogue. The catalogue presents de-saturated photographs of staged rooms shot and printed to resemble sets for film-noir era movies, hypothetically increasing their desirability. In these photographs the designer furniture knock-offs are indistinguishable from the original pieces. The film gazes at page after page of objects, each one exquisite and exquisitely photographed, centering its attention on the rise of desire and its dissolution.

SWALLOWED WHOLE; Heidi Kumao; TRT; 4.03; digi
This animation received several awards: Female Eye Film Festival, Black Maria Film Festival, Seoul International, Humbolt International Film Festival
SWALLOWED WHOLE is a somber, animated, experimental film about surviving extreme isolation and physical limitations as a result of traumatic injury. This abbreviated, jarring journey explores the physical and psychological landscapes of hospitalization and recovery.

WHAT ARE WATERS, WHAT ARE WINDS; Isabelle Vorle; TRT: 3.26; digi
Like each wave is different from any other, every drop of water has its uniqueness, and every breath is a unique moment like no other, in the past or future. In this film, the water flows from source to sea, together with the resonance notes of a stringed instrument, and human breaths.