Zapped!  A Project about RFID Technology

Zapped! was a multi-part installation that addressed the mass implementation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and its contribution to the growing field of technology-enhanced surveillance practices.

The piece included:
1) Zapped! video: an informational video that contextualizes the development and use of RFID in industry, law enforcement, and education
2) Zapped! RFID School Kit with workbook, RFID keychain detector, customizable RFID tags, and buttons.
3) Roach Release station: cockroaches with
re-programmed RFID tags are available for mass deployment to jam (confuse) prospective databases.
4) Educational workshops in which participants modify an existing electronic keychain so that it emits an alarm sound
when an RFID reader is detected.

My main contribution to the project was the production of the Zapped! video (11 min.).

Exit Art (NYC)
Sonar– 13th Barcelona Int’l Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art
Blackwood Gallery (Toronto)
Break 2.3– New Species (Slovenia) 
Diverseworks (Houston) in 2005-06