Cuckoo, 2010, Heidi Kumao & Gaspar Libedinsky



Cuckoo, 2010

  • Odds n Ends
  • Video Sculpture

“Cuckoo” is “video architecture:” a miniature stage on which domestic activities unfold for the viewer through customized video projection and placement. A birdhouse becomes an apartment as its occupants struggle to co-exist in the small space. “Cuckoo” is both a TV sitcom, where a series of absurd activities emerge from the structure in a clock-like fashion, and a comment on the public and private aspects of a domestic relationship.

Mixed media: birdhouse, DVD movie w/audio, DVD player, video projector on table, approx. overall dimensions 60 x 60 x 96 inches. This piece uses the architecture of a birdhouse to explore domestic life and strife.

(Done in collaboration with Gaspar Libedinsky)

Centro Cultural Espana Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2010
“Bienal de Arte Contemporaneo del Fin del Mundo,” Ushuaia, Argentina, 2011
Museo de Arquitectura y Diseño de Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2012
arteBA (Contemporary Art Fair, Buenos Aires), Argentina, 2012