Project Description


An envelope doubles as a dwelling in a barren landscape.  Despite being the subject of constant surveillance, a confined prisoner secretly writes on the walls of his cell and ultimately creates the perfect means of escape.  Inspired by two individuals who used writing as a creative outlet and means of survival while held captive or imprisoned: Terry Anderson, AP reporter held hostage in Lebanon for 7 years, and Nelson Mandela, imprisoned in South Africa for 27 years.

Mixed media: bell jar, envelope, wood table, glass table, metal table, Quicktime movie w/audio, media player, video projector, approx. overall dimensions: 84 × 96 × 96 inches.


  • ArtPrize, Urban Institute of Contemporary Art, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • SIGGRAPH Vancouver
  • L’Œil de poisson, Quebec
  • Pixilerations [v.5]: Fragments & (W)holes, Providence, RI
  • Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, NY

More info about this series of video installations is HERE.