Protest – Version 2.0, 2015 from heidi kumao on Vimeo.

Images from Barcelona (CCCB) exhibit, “Human + The Future of Our Species”, Oct. 2015-April 2016.
The new version now has two activated, motorized legs instead of one.

Viewer tries to activate the girl's legs by moving her own.

Viewer tries to activate the girl’s legs by moving her own.
























Protest, version 1.0

“Protest” version 1.0 (one leg can stomp)





  • Kinetic sculpture
  • Mechanical girl's legs

Portrait of a Girl: A motorized pair of girl's legs stands on top of a table and makes her presence known through loud and erratic stomping, tapping, and shaking (she's wearing tap shoes) on household furniture. Responding to the presence of viewers, this girl alternates between aggressive, attention-getting tantrums and seemingly uncontrolled shaking and jerking.

Aluminum girl's legs, shoes, cafe table, motors, custom electronics, proximity sensor.

This piece is one of three sets of girls' legs that are all part of "Misbehaving: Media Machines Act Out," a project supported by the Creative Capital Foundation.

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